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We are always looking for a new solution, a new perspective and a new and better way of doing things.

Spin-offs and patented technologies


At-the-Bit Mud Loss Control is a new approach for drilling treatment of severe and total mud loss that will unlock hydrocarbon reserves that are not drillable with todays solutions

The challenge

Severe and total mud loss during drilling is a global challenge and the industry is searching for new tools in the toolbox for early treatment.

The solution

The technology includes downhole storage and on-demand release of a specially designed polymer that converts the drilling mud to a highly swellable pill. The polymer may also be pumped as a pill from the surface for circulation of additional volumes. The technology is being developed in a JIP supported by Equinor, Lundin, ConocoPhillips and ARA Petroleum (Oman). SNF in France is a partner on the polymer solution.

Inge Manfred Carlsen. Photo.
Inge Manfred Carlsen

BDM Drilling and Well

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Jafar Abdollahi. Photo.
Jafar Abdollahi

Specialist Drilling and Well

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Inge Manfred Carlsen and Jafar Abdollahi are the inventors of this new solution and both have a long and international project track record as researchers in the oil industry.

AMR - Active Magnetic Ranging while drilling

AMR while drilling is a new downhole drilling technology for IOR, Well Placement and Well Intercept. While most current ranging technology is based on Wireline conveyed tools - the AMR will be a drilling tool purely designed for downhole drilling environment and can be used together with any Rotary Steering System (RSS) or Motor + MWD systems.

The challenge
Active Magnetic Ranging (access in-dependant) technology is today mainly used for Relief Well drilling to kill the target well during a blow-out incident. The challenge: Active Magnetic Ranging in this scenario require the use of a wireline conveyed downhole tool. This wireline tool will have to be used multiple times on different depths as the Relief well approached the target well. The result is several roundtrips with the drilling BHA and a large portion which is classified as NPT (Non-Productive Time).

The solution
Active Magnetic Ranging while drilling (AMR) is a new technology that offers active magnetic ranging while drilling. It eliminates the use of wireline tools all together! The new downhole technology will offer significant improvement over incumbent wireline tools and has the potential to reduce both the time and cost to drill a Relief well by 80%. In addition, the new technology will be able to open up a new market in IOR, Well placement and Well intercept that is currently not available. The new technology will be available in Q4-2020.

Espen Lea is the Managing Director at Prores Field Management AS
Espen Lea

Managing Director - Prores Field Management AS

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PRORES Field Management team is a dedicated technical development company for the Oil&Gas sector with special focus within Drilling & Well. Our employees have extensive operational experience in rig operation, drilling and well supervision and management both from Operator side and from Service company. We have experience from several successful development projects in the following areas, but not limited to: rig equipment, downhole drilling tools, completions and P&A. Currently, the company is developing new downhole technology for IOR, Well placement and Well intercept operations.


Close to the spectacular rock formation “Trolltunga”, WellGuard is located in Tyssedal in beautiful Hardanger. The company focuses on technology development related to P&A of oil and gas wells in close collaboration with renowned research institutions and customers.

The challenge

A tremendous amount of wells will undergo permanent plug and abandonment (P&A) the coming decade.

The cost associated with P&A of wells the coming 40 years is estimated to be as high as 876 billion NOK. 78% of this cost is covered by the state. The need to come up with solutions or technology that can contribute to a reduction of the costs associated with P&A is high. The key to through tubing P&A is dual string logging capacity as this has the potential to avoid the use of rig.

The solution

WellGuard is developing a new technology for multistring barrier verification in oil and gas wells. The company is now in Phase 3 of the development, supported by DEMO2000. Commercialization of the technology is planned for by 2021.

The WellGuard team has through its delivery and results demonstrated a strong capability in effective project management and scientific skills. WellGuard believes that success is created through teamwork where the best results are created when highly capable and motivated junior staff works in close collaboration with more experienced resources. WellGuard will work towards success by continuing developing its competent resource pool in the years to come.

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WellStarter is a technology company developing groundbreaking production technology and tools for wells.

WellStarter AS is developing a patented downhole flow monitoring solution based on heat pulses released into the well stream. The system comprises autonomous heat source(s) and software for interpretation of resulting heat pulses. The heat source requires no cabling, does not release any material, and one or more sources can be installed along the productive zones of the well. The heat pulse is picked up by an existing downhole pressure/temperature gauge (PDG), and can be analysed real-time, onsite or remotely. The solution will identify fluid phase and quantify flow rates across each zone in the well.

The WellStarter team has extensive experience with technology development, operational management and commercialization of new products and services in the E&P industry. The development is financed through equity investors, industry support, and soft-funding.

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