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Production allocation

Making production allocation transparent and understood
- at all levels.

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Prores provides answers to the allocation challenges met by field operators and license partners. 

We offer to be your trusted advisor in production allocation with a lifecycle perspective. With experience from all the phases, we can assist you and your assets at any time. Futher we have developed a Production allocation software based on our experience.

Drilling and well

Optimized well life cycle integrity and operations.


Research for out-of-the-box solutions and fit-for-purpose engineering are cornerstones in our search for drilling and well efficiency. 

Prores has key expertise within well construction and operations. Our long track record of international projects includes both onshore and offshore wells. Special competency is within well integrity management for safe drilling and optimized well completion.

Prores has studied the challenges related to complete mudloss in depleted reservoirs in Norway and the Middle East. A new initiative for At-the-Bit treatment of complete mud loss during drilling is under development.

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Field management

Maximizing asset values in a lifecycle perspective.


With our experience within field management we can help clients to take complete planning and operational responsibility in their projects.

Prores has personnel with a global track record in field development, IOR and rejuvenation projects, both onshore and offshore. Our employees holds expertise within all disciplines for planning and execution for projects including subsurface evaluations, drilling & well operations and production optimisation. QHSE is vital part in all our projects.

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Well performance

Maximizing asset values in a lifecycle perspective.

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Prores can help you with running your existing and planned wells optimally. This is done by providing specielized services within well performance. 

Our well performance team is able to use any data related to the performance of wells to diagnose issues and give recomandations to remediate them. We also design planned wells such that the risk is minimized.

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Software development

Software solutions for improved workflows and cost-efficiency.

Our agile software development team has over the last decades provided software solutions to clients which have improved their workflows and cost-efficiency.

Classical client pains we help relieve are related to data formatting, data exchange between applications and manual error-prone tasks.

We have also improved standard solutions with customized extensions in order to accommodate client specific requests and workflows.

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